Caring for your new pet

It's exciting when a new pet joins your household. We're here to support you!

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How to prevent a flea infestation and protect your pet and home

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How to prevent a flea infestation ?

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You love your new pet….

But you don't love the thought of unwelcome visitors like fleas and ticks that they might bring along. We have lots of petcare advice on these pages and our experts are ready and waiting to leap to your assistance.

FRONTLINE HomeGard - for use in the home

Make sure it’s just your new pet that’s snuggling up on the sofa (not their fleas)!


FRONTLINE® Spot On – tried, trusted protection against fleas and ticks for your new pet

The UK’s No.1 flea and tick protection* for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats


FRONTLINE® Plus – double action flea protection for pets and homes. It kills ticks too.

Not only does FRONTLINE® Plus help protect your pet against ticks, it also protects both your pet and home against fleas too. Now doesn’t that sound twice as nice.


Getting off on the right paw

It’s really exciting when you bring your new pet home for the first time and a little planning can help make doubly sure that it’s a positive experience for everyone concerned.

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Buy (or adopt) one, get one flea!

What do you do if the bundle of fluff you have brought into your home comes with fleas? Find out here…

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