How to keep your dog fresh and clean all winter

A crisp winter walk with your dog is very rewarding and it’s important to keep your pooch active during the colder months. But, winter also means rain, mud and a soggy, smelly dog. The good news is that if you follow a robust routine using expert pet care products you can help keep your canine sparkling clean whatever the weather.

Like many of us, dogs suffer from dry, itchy and irritated skin during the winter months. It’s important to wash them with a shampoo made specifically for pets like FRONTLINE Pet Care Sensitive Skin or Odour Control shampoos. Make sure you dry your dog thoroughly after bathing to keep them warm, and ensure their bed is free from drafts. You can also apply FRONTLINE Pet Care Skin Care Gel to soothe any areas of dry skin.

Life is busy, so if you don’t have time to bath your fur baby on a regular basis, or your pooch dislikes a scrub in the tub, you can keep their coat shiny and smelling fresh with a dry shampoo alternative such as FRONTLINE Pet Care Leave-in Foam.

Winter can also be tough on pets’ paws, as de-icers like salt and sand can quickly dry out paws. It’s a good idea to wash between your dog’s toes and trim long hair to help keep them sand, salt and ice free. Frequently apply a rich nourishing moisturiser such as FRONTLINE Pet Care Skin Care Gel to protect them from the elements.

Mud, salt and cold wind can irritate a dog’s sensitive eyes causing a build-up of dirt and debris. Use a natural cleansing solution to gently remove stains such as FRONTLINE Pet Care Eye Cleaner.

Establishing a regular grooming routine throughout the winter will help keep fur in tip top condition. Brushing encourages the skin to release natural oils and keeps the fur of longer-haired dogs free from tangles and matting.

And, best of all, grooming provides the perfect bonding opportunity for you and your fur baby to enjoy quality time cosying up together after cold walkies.


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