How to keep your pet summer-safe at the beach

Many of us will already be daydreaming about day trips to the seaside or holidays to the coast, with our furry ones. So, to make sure you and your pooch get the most out of your beach adventure, we have put together some top beach safety tips:

  • Pack your dog a beach bag too

Don’t forget when you’re preparing to head down to the beach, to pack some doggy essentials too, including a water bowl, bottle of fresh water and some food and treats, if you will be on the beach over their usual meal time. Always pack your dog a towel too. As well as helping to protect you from being covered in seawater by your dog’s enthusiastic shake on their return from the sea, it can also be transformed into a cooling aid for your dog, by dipping it in the sea and draping it over them. This is especially handy if your pooch is water-shy and not keen to take a cooling dip.

  • Take your own shade

There’s often not a lot of shade on the beach. Therefore, packing a lightweight beach umbrella is vital for any beach trip, as it will provide somewhere for your dog to shelter under if they need to get out of the heat. It’s also a great place to keep their food and water, to ensure it stays nice and cool. Plus, if the British weather lets you down and surprises you with a shower, you’re all set to sit it out.

  • Beach life is thirsty work

The heat combined with the sand and seawater can leave your pooch feeling extra thirsty. So, make sure you pack plenty of fresh water and a portable bowl for your dog, to help keep them well hydrated.

  • Don’t let them drink seawater

Try to discourage your dog them from drinking seawater where possible, as this can upset their tummies and dehydrate them. Instead, keep a bowl of cool water available for them at all times.

  • Supervise any water-loving pooches

If your dog loves nothing more than dashing into the sea to show off their excellent doggy paddle, make sure you keep a close eye on them. Strong currents and tides can result in even the strongest doggy paddler finding themselves in trouble.

  • Dogs need sun cream too

Light-haired and thin-coated dogs that have areas of pink skin exposed are especially at risk of sunburn, which can increase their risk of getting skin cancer. So, make sure when you pack your sun cream to pop a dog-friendly one in your beach-bag too. Their ears, nose, belly and groin are especially vulnerable and will need protecting.

  • Plan your trip to the beach

It’s best to avoid hitting the beach at the hottest times of the day e.g. midday. Instead, schedule your beach excursion for first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon.

  • Hot sand hurts

Check the temperature of the sand before taking your dog on to the beach, as sand can heat up as the day progresses and could burn your dog’s paws.


Follow these simple tips and you and your pooch will have a ‘pawesome’ time at the beach!

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