Fleas will be out in full force during the summer, hiding in your homes, parks and gardens.  So, it’s important to check your pet regularly for any flea friends!

To help you become the next best ‘flea-detective’, here are some of our top tips to get you started:

  1. Check your pet daily during the summer; picking a time when your pet is calm and relaxed - perhaps after a snooze or a long walk?
  2. Gently comb your pet’s fur, focusing on flea hot-spot areas such as around their head, down their back and around their tail
  3. For those pets with a thick or a long coat, part the fur using a comb and inspect around the roots of the hairs.  This is where adult fleas love to hang out and where you will spot any tell-tale flea droppings (flea poop!).
  4. It’s easy to mistake soil particles for flea droppings, as they look very similar.  So, if you are unsure, just grab a piece of wet tissue and comb their hair onto it.  If they’re genuine flea droppings then you will see a halo of red form around the black droppings – this is undigested blood – yuk!
  5. Give away signs that your four-legged friend may have fleas includes itching, scratching and over-grooming.  Also, if your pet is allergic or sensitive to them, then you may notice crusty sores on their skin, broken hairs and even patches of hairloss!
  6. Remember not seeing an adult flea does not mean that your pet is flea-free, as they are often hard to spot or have already been groomed out by your pet!

So, this summer keep your pet safe from any unwanted flea friends by checking them daily and protecting them using a FRONTLINE ® spot-on product.  Happy flea spotting!