The increase in fleas

The problem with fleas today is that there are a lot more of these pesky critters about.  This is due to a favourable shift in the temperature, as a result of climate change!  Consequently, our pets are more likely to pick up an unwanted flea friend when outdoors, than they would have been in the past. 

Traditionally in the UK, fleas can survive outdoors from spring through to autumn, perishing in the cold winter months. Climate change has resulted in us experiencing warmer winters, favouring the survival of these itchy critters outdoors for much longer.

Flea pupae that would not normally survive are able to remain dormant during the milder winter months. They then emerge as adult fleas during the spring and summer, when the weather warms up. 

The hotter summers, that we experience today, are also optimal for flea development and under these conditions, fleas can go from egg to adult in just 14 days! These factors combined, have led to an explosion in the flea population during the summer months.  

This means that it is more important than ever to make sure you protect your pet against today’s army of fleas, by regularly using a FRONTLINE® spot-on product.