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We love our cats. Their funny feline ways and the love and comfort they bring into our lives and homes help us to feel good. So, what can us pet parents do to help them feel good in return?

Our pet experts here at FRONTLINE® have some great advice to help us take care of our cats and know what to look out for. Plus, they’ve put together some fun insights into a cat’s mind, too.

Spot the signs of sickness

Cats often try to hide pain or illness, so we need to be on the lookout for signs, just in case. Look for sneezing, coughing, skin irritation or lumps, as well as the more obvious signs, such as vomiting, or a change in appetite, weight or sleeping habits. And learn the signs of Lyme disease too, just in case a tick gets attached to your cat and transmits this illness.

Get to grips with grooming

Cats are pretty instinctive at keeping themselves clean, but grooming them is a great way to bond. It also provides the perfect opportunity to give them a quick health check. From their ears to their teeth, see how grooming our cats can help them stay healthy in our guide to grooming.

Boy doing arts and craft on a table but distracted playing with a cat
Blue eyed cat laying down being fussed
Tortoiseshell cat rubbing agains owners leg while being petted

Banish the bugs

However much our cats clean themselves, they can still pick up parasites. Even indoor cats can if another pet or person brings a hitchhiking flea or tick in. Get clued up on the signs of fleas as prompt action can stop these parasites becoming such a problem. Treating our cats regularly with a flea and tick treatment means these parasites don’t get the chance to set up home on our feline friends. It also helps protect against tick-borne conditions such as Lyme disease.

Understand their snoozing

As all cat parents know, cats sleep a lot! They just need more sleep than us humans do, especially as they get older. Cats have their own sleeping pattern, but our sociable cats sometimes adjust this to suit their household. Find out more about their different sleep states and learn how much sleep cats need – and when it could be too much or too little.

Decipher feline feelings

It’s lovely to build bonds with our cats, but what are they feeling? Do they miss us when we’re not around? How a cat reacts to your return is a good sign of how they feel – find out more in our article about how to tell if your cat misses you and take a look at our guide to understanding cat body language for more insights into their minds.

Very fluffy cat being groomed and loving it
Very fluffy cat being groomed and loving it

Watch out for toxic plants

It’s vital to know that there are some things that cats just shouldn’t eat – and that includes particular plants. See if your home or garden needs cat-proofing by taking a look at the plants that are toxic to cats.

Watch out for the weather

A cat stretched out in the sun can look so contented, but if the weather is too warm or a curious cat accidentally gets stuck in a shed, greenhouse or car, they can quickly overheat – and this can have very serious consequences. Learn about the signs of heatstroke, so you know when to take prompt action, plus see how to keep your pet cool to help prevent heatstroke from happening.


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