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Whether they’re comical and cuddly or independent but indispensable, our pets make our lives so much more special.


To make our time with our pets even more rewarding, we asked our experts for some handy hints on enhancing the special bond we share and navigating life with a pet. There’s advice covering various areas of our lives – from the everyday, such as leaving them at home and deciphering feline and canine communication, to life’s milestones, such as moving house or expanding the family.

Leaving a puppy on its own

We know how it is. You get a puppy, you take some time out to help them settle in, and then before you know it the time rolls around to start considering leaving that little pup alone for a little while. Begin by leaving them alone for short periods and build up to bigger bursts of time – take a look at our quick guide to leaving a puppy alone and find out how to treat minor separation anxiety.


It can seem scary to bring a little bundle of joy home to a dog – and sometimes we worry about a dog’s reaction when they can’t be the centre of attention. The key is to take baby steps when introducing a pet to the new arrival. Our experts have put together some top tips to a smooth baby-pet introduction and help keep your home safe and happy for everyone.

Woman sat on the floor lovingly hugging her dog
Dog digging on a sandy beach
Dog looking curiously at a mother and baby

Introducing a kitten to a cat

We love kittens – cute, cuddly bundles of fluff and mischief. But when a new kitten joins the household, older cats might not be so keen. It’s up to us to be patient and introduce the two slowly, making sure our older felines still feel loved and secure. Find out how to familiarise a cat with a kitten, so the two can peacefully, even happily, live together for the years to come.

Sharing special time together

Grooming our pets is a great way to build that bond between us. It’s time dedicated to your dog or cat that will help them stay looking and feeling good. Plus, you can sneakily check them over for health concerns at the same time. Find out how to groom a dog or cat at home.

Moving house with a cat

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Moving can be stressful enough without bringing pets into the mix! But with a little forward planning, pet parents can ease the transition and make it as painless as possible for our cats. Here are five simple steps for a smoother house move, including some great ideas to help our cats settle into the new place.

Young lady hugging a black and white cat Young lady hugging a black and white cat

Understanding cat communication

Ever wondered what your cat’s thinking? Our cryptic creatures have their own way of showing their feelings, so we’ve put together a simple guide to cat body language, to help pet parents read the signs and get to know our felines’ feelings even better.

Learning dog body language

Dogs may not be able to speak to us with words, but their body language gives a lot away. From their posture to different tail wags, sounds and behaviours, find out how to read what dogs are feeling.

Alsatian on a blanket with it's paw over it's nose
Alsatian on a blanket with it's paw over it's nose

Getting to grips with brain training

A happy dog is one who gets to exercise their mind as well as their body. Our canine companions are clever and love getting stuck into a puzzle, especially if it involves food! Giving them challenges or going further in their training can be a brilliant bonding experience and fun for pet parents too. Here are some brain training ideas.

Doing dog training

Training is great exercise for a dog’s brain – and the better trained your dog is, the easier life will be! Our puppy training top tips have lots of advice for pet parents of new puppies, and parents of older dogs could find some of the advice handy too.

Enjoying exercise and taking trips

Taking our canine companions out for walks and trips is all part of the fun of being a pet parent. If you like taking your dog to the beach, find out when and where that’s possible. 


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